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See or for additional information regarding blasting if you're unfamiliar.



For those who are familiar, here is my pricing and package details.


For Fascia Blasting only:

$40/30min - good for 1 or 2 site specific focus areas depending on the area

$70/60min - good for a light/quick general overall of the body or several site specific focus areas

$95/90min - good for a deeper all over body and/or several site specific areas

$110/120min - plenty of time to do a thorough and deeper all over body and/or numerous site specific focus areas 


For heat, I currently use an infrared heat therapy blanket, or as i like to call "the burrito."  It provides good all around heat and as some clients have stated after session, it has been a game changer in getting deeper with definite results and making the blasting less painful in their areas of sensitivity.


For Fascia Blasting with Heat Therapy:

$50/30min - 15min of heat before and during a 30min blasting session

$80/60min - 20min of heat before and during a 60min blasting session

$110/90min - 25min of heat before and during a 90min blasting session

$125/120min - 30min of heat before and during a 120min blasting session 


If you're wanting me to provide these services at your home then a $30 travel fee will be added on top of the standard pricing.

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